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Comments from participants in John's workshops

"This workshop was an incredible value. John imparted so much information in the five sessions...Not only technical information, but something beyond that. It was something akin to soul, akin to a spiritual quality. And when one is dealing with the arts...isn't that what it really is? So few people can convey this to others. John can, and with ease." - C.K.

"He is a superb teacher! John's approach forced us to look at things differently and if offered, I would sign up for this workshop again in a heartbeat." - J.K.

 "John made me feel comfortable with my camera but, more importantly, made me view nature, light and all aspects of photography differently. Nothing will ever look the same... I would particpate in any of John's future workshops, even repeating the same one..  John is a wonderful teacher, kind, dedicated and extraordinarily helpful." - R.S.

 "I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your gentle teaching style. With your encouragement and suggestions, I not only learned techniques for taking better photos, I gained confidence as I tried something unfamiliar and somewhat intimidating for me. I appreciated the way you related to both your experienced and novice students with kindness and respect. Thanks for a wonderful introduction into the world of nature photography!" - N.B.

 "...the recent course on Digital Photography... proved to be extremely helpful and enjoyable.  John is a wonderful instructor and provided extremely beneficial insights which definitely improved my photographic skill. I surely would enjoy another session with him in your facility." - J.R.

 "My photography class with John this summer was an outstanding experience... John is an inspiring teacher with the ability to help each student at their level and motivate us to try new things with the camera.  I am a novice and learned so much from him." - F.G.

 "I thought it was excellent. John is a talented photographer and a very good and inspiring teacher." - D.K.

 "John's approach makes for a great learning experience."  - J.K.

  "I really enjoyed John's ideas on how to get creative energy into photography.  He has a very artistic mind and eye.  His subtle approach to creating artistic images, lends itself well to teaching nature photography." - J.J.

 "I hope by now you have been besieged with positive comments about the digital photography workshop run by John Radigan... John presented a wide variety of technical and artistic concepts balanced by his unique capacity to offer constructive, beneficial, and inspirational advice... I have rarely experienced the universal appreciation expressed by everyone present, for the commitment, effort, and time John put in." - L.S.

  "I have received about 10 wonderful responses/comments about the workshop you led for us here." - P.B. (event planner)

  "John was great and I learned a lot. I hope that there will be more classes like that..." - A.M.

 "I took John Radigan's digital photography course and enjoyed it immensely. " - C.S.

 "Very well organized from time of arrival to the end." - M.B.

 "John was always ready to answer a question or challenge us to 'see' more." - M.D.

 "I would be happy to travel anywhere if you were the guide and guru!" - D.H.

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